What is a nice way to give money as a gift?

You can give money as a nice gift by packing it in a gift box. A gift box is officially intended for packaging all kinds of gifts. That is why a gift box is ideal for giving money in an original way.

You know that. You are invited to a wedding, a birthday or another party. You will receive a nice invitation in the letterbox with the time, date and location. At the end of the letter is the gift tip: money. In most cases there is a gift table and a letterbox at the party in question. The letterbox is then intended to put all envelopes with money in it. This is often a large letterbox. The birthday girl hopes to fill this letterbox as much as possible.

At the end of the party, the letterbox is emptied and the presents on the gift table taken home. But suppose everyone gives money. Then everyone's birthday girl receives an envelope with money. The gift table remains empty and often the party celebrant does not even know how much he has received from whom. Time for a change.

Give money in an original way

Now imagine the second situation: You receive the same invitation to a wedding, wedding or birthday. Every one arrives with such a boring envelope. But not you. You give your money as a gift in a fun, special and unique way. You gift wrap money in an original way. You are the only one who comes in with a luxury gift box. Because yes, it doesn't matter which gift you give. It is about the first impression of your gift. You stick neatly to the gift tip. But when you come in you surprise the birthday girl. He loves to get something other than an envelope. You really come in with your gift. Everyone looks at you, because the gift tip was money, right?

Your gift is special and does not go into that boring letterbox. Because it simply does not fit in and your gift is way too beautiful and original for that. Your gift will be placed on the gift table. In sight. Where everyone can see it.

How to give money as a present?

Here is a tip and an idea: at Beautifulgiftbox.com you can put together luxury gift boxes in the colors you want. You can also choose the type of filling that best suits your gift. And do you want free shipping? Then order a few more for upcoming occasions. A gift box is always a nice gift. And then you have free shipping.

In the gift box, you divide the bills and the filling. You can fold it DIY into different shapes and let your creativity run free. Make your gift exactly how you want it. Ultimately, you arrive at the party with the best gift. The birthday girl gets money and you have the best entrance.

Configure your luxury gift box